EY Asia-Pacific: Digital Nations 2016

EY Digital Nations: New Zealand 2016 Portal

EY Asia-Pacific: Digital Nations 2016 programme captures a comprehensive snapshot of consumer behavior and attitudes in the digital economies and in the digital channel of a number of countries across the globe. With the programme commencing in Australia in 2014, the 2016 programme has been extended to include Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. Comparisons with Australian results will be available when the 2016-17 results are released, and further countries will be progressively added to the series.

We've given you access to the data to explore though our interactive report. To explore the data, simply click through the tabs above, or select a topic to start with below.

Digital devices Includes:
  • Device ownership and usage
  • Internet activities
Attitudes to digital Includes:
  • Role of digital devices
  • Digital attitudes
  • Impact of mobile digital devices on life aspects
Digital experiences Includes:
  • Digital experience needs
Entertainment consumption Includes:
  • Attitude to unauthorised content
  • Forms of entertainment consumed
Social network and media Includes:
  • Social media usage
  • Social media movers & shakers
  • Reasons for using social media
The digital future Includes:
  • The digital economy
  • Digital devices

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EY Asia-Pacific: Digital Nations 2016 is a comprehensive research programme comprising:

  • Malaysia

    A survey of 1,000 Malaysian consumers

  • New Zealand

    A survey of 750 New Zealand consumers

  • Singapore

    A survey of 1,000 Singaporean consumers